Educator and Parent Workshops

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Full Day Workshop for Educators: Differentiating with Depth and Equity: Nurturing High Level Learning in the Classroom, K-6 (in person sessions)

How can teachers create a classroom environment that nurtures all students so that they reach their potential? Meeting the needs of diverse students with gifts and talents requires effective differentiation as well as a dynamic classroom environment that supports critical thinking, engagement, and high level questioning. Exploring the classroom experience through the eyes of the gifted learner, this workshop provides critical understandings as well as instructional techniques and tools for engaging and challenging all students in the classroom.  

This workshop explores strategies, tools, and resources from a variety of sources/authors for recognizing diverse learners with gifts and talents in the classroom, creating an inclusive and supportive classroom environment for gifted learners, supporting critical thinking, questioning, and meaningful discussion, increasing engagement and accountability, using assessment to support growth for high level learners, and building positive partnerships with families of high ability children. An online folder with links to resources and tools will be provided after the session.

Other Workshops for Educators (2- Hour Sessions, virtual or in person)

  • Profile of the “Gifted Child” 
  • Creating a Supportive Classroom Environment for Gifted Learners
  • Developing Critical Thinking and Metacognition for Advanced Learners
  • Tools and Strategies for Classroom Differentiation 
  • Supporting Discussion and High Level Questioning

Parent Workshops (1-hour sessions, virtual or in-person)

  • Home Recipes for Nurturing Advanced Learners
  • When Gifted Children Need a Lift