Presentations/Handout Materials


“When Gifted Students Need a Lift” (Illinois Association for Gifted Children 23rd Annual Convention, February 2018) Steinmeyer-When Gifted Students Need a Lift-Notes 2-2-18


“Home Recipes to Support Your Child’s Gifted Education” (Monroe Middle School, CUSD 200,  2-6-17; IAGC 2018 Convention 2-2-18) Patricia Steinmeyer Presentation Materials – Home Recipes to Support Your Gifted Child’s Education-2-6-17

Raising gifted children is a parenting journey full of unique joys and challenges. This presentation suggests some “key ingredients” for supporting high ability children at home and at school.


“Now We’re Talking:  Increasing Academic Rigor Through Speaking and Listening” (Illinois Association for Gifted Children 22nd Annual Convention, February 2017;Illinois Association for Gifted Children 21s Annual Convention, February 2016;). Patricia Steinmeyer Presentation Materials- _Now We’re Talking_ IAGC Handout 2-8-16

Classroom discussions offer a treasure trove of opportunities to meaningfully engage and challenge high ability learners. But when it comes to classroom conversations, high ability students may coast, tune out, monopolize classroom discussions, or set off on creative (but less-rigorous) tangents. This presentation highlights several practical “discussion makeovers” for encouraging critical thinking, developing Common Core skills, and engaging diverse, high-ability learners more deeply through speaking and listening.